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The Canvas Before Him ~ Worshiping at His Feet

The past couple months my art journals have overflowed with experiments and play. But this week I had an encounter with the Lord that touched a deeper place than just practicing a technique.

I began the work in an altered book I converted into an art journal. I had previously added some stickers of birds and  a couple collage elements. In my first painting session, this is what emerged.



As I painted, my heart was burdened for the youth, and in particular over the issue of purity. Without going into much detail, I was saddened how few people take a stand for sexual purity and see it as merely a choice rather than a biblical principle to follow. I also asked the Lord to forgive me for places in my own life where I may have had impure thoughts or motives, or was soiled by worldly entertainment, etc.

I allowed some parts of the text to remain visible. This journal is made from a very old painting manual called Oil Painting is Fun. One phrase that really stood out was, “The canvas before him.” While this was speaking of the artist viewing a blank canvas, I kept thinking how my life and art is truly a canvas before Him…before my Heavenly Father. He was watching me as I worshiped Him with my art, and connected with Him in prayer.


I let the paint dry and focused on other things. When I returned to the painting I brought out some details with ink blended with water. It’s hard to explain but certain shapes and patterns emerge in my works like little surprises. They are partially hidden. Over the years I have had to learn what to bring out in greater detail and what to leave alone (like one of those hidden picture puzzles). DNA strands appear in my work constantly like a woven tapestry. But today there were circles as well strung together like pearls. I had the impression of heavenly lights and the jewels of the walls of heaven.



But then I asked Shannan my husband to look at it with fresh eyes. He saw the circles as the beginning of toes. OH MY…. it hit me that this was the Lord’s feet where I had come to worship all decked out in jewel tones and rainbow colors. Its not perfectly visible but just that impression blessed me. No wonder I cried out for purity. I felt like Isaiah, a man of unclean lips. I needed the fiery coal to purify me.

I went back to the painting and tried to bring forth a little more detail, but I didn’t want to draw in the feet with great detail. They are there as an impression, and invitation to others to look through the light and see them and to worship at God’s Throne.

The galaxies and stars are swirling about like a great curtain, and the bird seems to be lifting the veil to reveal the colors of heaven. One of the circles looks very much like Jupiter to my eyes. I thought of how large Jupiter is in comparison to Earth, but it’s just a speck in the Universe before our Great God in Heaven.

What do you see in the paintings (even the unfinished one on the left?) What is God speaking to your heart?


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